Get the best for your child!

The Home Learning System is an ingenious online solution designed to unify families while propelling your child towards mathematical success.

Unveil the power of anytime, anywhere learning with 24/7 access to our comprehensive resources. Suitable for both primary and secondary students, this system empowers you to steer your child's educational journey, fostering excellence that transcends classroom boundaries.

Witness your child thrive and surge ahead, equipped for exam success. Seize the opportunity to harness the 10ticks Home Learning System today, and invest in your child's educational brilliance.

Buy the 10ticks Home Learning System today..

Monthly subscription

From just $19.90 per month for up to 5 users.

Two working days’ notice required for cancellation on monthly subscriptions.

$19.90 for up to 5 users.
6 months

Pay 6 months upfront and save.

Save on one monthly payment with a 6 month subscription.

$115.90 for up to 5 users
12 months

Pay 12 months upfront and save.

Save on the monthly payment option with a 12 month subscription.

$150.00 for up to 5 users

We have designed a Home Learning System that packs a powerful mathematical punch!

purple tickIrrespective of the package you opt for, a vast collection of 10ticks worksheets awaits, offering guidance for your child's journey from age 5 right up to Year 10a

purple tickBut that's not all—our offerings extend beyond worksheets. Stimulating animated guides and tests add an extra layer of engagement to your child's learning experience, ensuring their curiosity remains stimulated.

purple tickSet work for your child to complete. Our uniquely flexible system grants you the ability to customize, edit, and review courses, ensuring a tailor-fit educational approach.

purple tickLearners can delve into key topics at their convenience. Guides, worksheets, and tests can all be accessed and completed, with their scores carefully recorded for insightful analysis.

purple tickAnd there's more to celebrate. Our innovative rewards system lets your child accumulate merits, culminating in milestone certificates. These certificates can be proudly printed, serving as enduring records of their remarkable achievements.


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