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The 10ticks Tutor Learning System is a powerful tool for tutors, offering a personalised and engaging platform to deliver the mathematics curriculum. This system boasts an interactive desk area and a variety of online activities that students will find enjoyable, while tutors gain access to a wealth of resources, both online and offline.

Our Tutor Learning System has been meticulously mapped to align with the latest curriculum and the updated GCSE syllabus. It encompasses every topic from Reception to Year 11, providing comprehensive coverage. Within the system, you'll discover thousands of our acclaimed maths worksheets, accompanied by video guides and tests, as well as hundreds of online activities and games.

Furthermore, this system offers the flexibility to create customised courses for individual students or groups, catering to diverse abilities. Students can conveniently access the system from home, making it an ideal tool for homework and revision. With the added benefit of online test assessments, the Tutor Learning System is designed to save tutors valuable time otherwise spent on grading, streamlining the teaching and learning process.


Mapped to National Curriculum

Rest assured that all our resources are meticulously mapped to align with the latest national curriculum and the updated GCSE Syllabus. This extensive coverage spans every mathematics topic, encompassing all year groups, from Reception to Year 11.

Furthermore, we're committed to ensuring that the Tutor Learning System remains current and in harmony with any future changes to the curriculum. Our dedication to staying up-to-date guarantees that your educational resources will evolve alongside the educational landscape, providing continuity and relevance in teaching and learning.

Track Results

Boost Confidence

Nurture your students' confidence through our integrated rewards system. As your students accumulate merits, their confidence will steadily grow, and they'll find themselves genuinely enjoying mathematics. In addition to the automatic merits, tutors have the ability to personally award merits, further motivating and encouraging their students. This system creates a positive feedback loop, fostering a rewarding and empowering learning environment where students can flourish in their mathematical journey.
Track Results

Track Results

Effortlessly monitor your students' progress and evaluate their test results with our intuitive tracking system. This feature facilitates a quick and easy assessment process, enabling you to pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses within their mathematical knowledge. By doing so, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of their overall attainment level.
Furthermore, this tool assists in identifying students who may require additional support, allowing you to provide targeted assistance. Simultaneously, it helps identify students who are ready to be challenged further, ensuring that each student's unique needs are met effectively and promoting well-rounded mathematical development.
Maths Fun

Make Maths Fun

Education isn't just about hard work; it's also about enjoyment and engagement! In addition to the core curriculum, our platform offers a plethora of fun and interactive mathematics games. These games serve a dual purpose: they make learning enjoyable, and they reinforce the key skills that have been taught. The beauty of these games lies in the fact that students often don't even realise they are consolidating their mathematical knowledge while having fun. It's a fantastic way to make mathematics an enjoyable and memorable experience for your students.
independent study

Independent Study

Our revision area is an invaluable resource for students, especially when preparing for tests or exams. It empowers them to target specific areas of study, providing quick access to help videos and practice questions to enhance their skills. This focused approach ensures that students can optimise their preparation by honing in on the exact topics they need to strengthen. Whether they require additional clarification or extra practice, the revision area is a versatile tool that supports students in achieving their academic goals.

Huge Amount of Resources

The Tutor Learning System is a treasure trove of educational materials. Within this comprehensive platform, you'll find thousands of worksheets, video guides, tests, and hundreds of games and activities. This abundance of mathematical resources offers tremendous flexibility, allowing you to tailor your approach to benefit your students in the best possible way.
Whether you're seeking worksheets for reinforcement, video guides for visual learning, or engaging activities to make maths fun, this wealth of resources ensures that you have the tools at your disposal to cater to your students' diverse learning needs and preferences effectively.


The Tutor Learning System is accessible 24/7 from any internet-connected device. This compatibility extends to Windows, Mac, iPads, Androids, and other tablets, enabling flexibility in how and where you access the system.
Course Builder

Build Bespoke Course

Within the Tutor Learning System, you have the freedom to choose from our pre-made 10ticks courses, which are readily available and designed to streamline your teaching process. Alternatively, you can effortlessly create customised courses of learning tailored to the unique needs of individual students or groups. This flexibility ensures that you can adapt your teaching approach to best suit your students' abilities and learning objectives, offering a more personalised and effective educational experience.

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